About Uji Café

Uji Café (宇治 カフェ) opened its doors in February 2017 as Ottawa’s first Japanese café. We currently serve Japanese savoury cuisine, desserts, pastries, and beverages, and is planning to grow continuously. From tonkatsu to gyudon, teriyaki burger to okonomiyaki burger, cheesecake to tart, cake roll to tea, our food and beverage offerings are available for dine-in, take-out, and online delivery via Just Eats.

Uji (宇治) is a city in Kyoto prefecture, Japan, which has risen to stardom since the 12th century as Japan’s most treasured and ideal land for tea planting. Uji currently produces the highest quality matcha tea in the world. Its mellow and smooth taste is favoured by many, and has since been used as a flavour and dye in many desserts and pastries. Our founder believes that by using authentic matcha, we can truly savour the Japanese delicacy, and hence we only use Uji-imported matcha in selected food and beverages. Additionally, our menu is consulted by a Japanese chef from Uji, as we hope to immerse our customers in the rich and vibrant Japanese culture.

The rabbit in our logo reflects the legend of how Uji came to be. It is said that Uji was formed by the passing of rabbits. And as a symbol of luck in several cultures, we hope Uji Café will be the talk of the town and a frequent go-to for families and friends!