#Inktober Paint The Bunny Competition

Details, Terms & Conditions
1) On November 1st, all submissions will be digitally uploaded onto a voting site. Voting begins then, and will last till November 7th. On November 8th, the top 3 winners will be announced.

2) Prizes as follow: 
First place – $20 gift voucher + artist's artwork to be featured on Uji Café's Facebook and Instagram profile picture/thumbnail for 2 weeks following the end of the competition
Second place – $15 gift voucher
Third place – $10 gift voucher

All winners will be contacted following the end of the voting period. All submissions will be showcased at Uji Café at the end of the competition as well.

3) There are no limits on what type of materials you can use for the artwork! Be creative.

4) There are no limits on artwork submissions. You can submit as many as you want!

5) No photocopies are allowed. All artwork must be done on the original blank bunny sheet as provided at Uji Café (215 Rideau Street).

6) Feel free to take photos of your artwork and post them on social media! Tag us at @ujicafe or use the hashtag #ujicafe #ujicafeottawa #InktoberatUji

7) Happy #Inktober!